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cali_shygirl's Journal

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16 February
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uh...yeah i rock!!! haha...i wish. *sighs*

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^ the weather in sacramento, california ^

11, 1987, 1997, alternative music, american river college, amy tan, anarchy, anime, anti christian, anti-bush, anti-christian, anti-christianity, anti-church, anti-flag, anti-heros, anti-usa, anxiety disorders, apples in stereo, aquarius, astral projection, bikini kill, bracelets, bratmobile, california, candles, cascading style sheets, cat power, chocolate, citrus heights, classic cars, colored hair, crayon art, crayons, css, das ich, dollz, dorks, drawing, dying hair, emily's sassy lime, emilys sassy lime, emo, emotional hardcore, faeries, fear factory, feedabah matecha, feminism, fenix tx, ferrets, fiona apple, foreign films, freaks, funker vogt, fur, gaia, girl bands, girls, goddess, goddess religion, goths, granite bay, green, grrrls, guitar, guitars, hardknox, hello kitty, horoscopes, html, ice cream, indie films, industrial, jack off jill, jealousy, jimmy eat world, kill rock stars, kisekae, kisekae ningyou, kiss dolls, kittie, kmfdm, krs, le tigre, love, moon flowers, moose, mudvayne, my ruin, mystic, neopets, neutral milk hotel, new age, no doubt, non conformist, obsessive compulsive disorder, ocd, oekaki, otakuworld, pagan, paganism, pisces, pj harvey, princess maker, punk, punks, purple, purple hair, queen adreena, quix*o*tic, rainbows, rings, riot grrrl, riot grrrls, roseville, sacramento, sentimental graffiti, serial experiments lain, sleater-kinney, sleeping, slipknot, snow globes, stars, stone sour, straightedge, sublime, sunny day real estate, techno-industrial, teens, that dog, that dog., the cardigans, the get up kids, the rentals, travis, united states, web templates, website design, websites, weird people, wicca, wiccan, women's rights, wumpscut,

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